The family album you don’t expect

In his work, Mike Koubou uses a sketchbook and some pencils to turn his family album into masterpieces. On his Instagram account where he shares his illustrations, Koubou has attracted over three thousand followers.

The artist answers this absurd question in a very creative way and in doing so shows a great talent as an illustrator, I recommend you see some more of his work Here 

As long as I remember my self I always held a pencil in my hand and wanted to draw something; everything that could create a beautiful picture in my mind. After high-school I studied architecture, a creative field by using the mechanics of nature, but in the end prevailed my love for design and the illustration of my ideas.

Family albums have been a tradition for a long time. Mike Koubou approached these albums in a different way. He turned his family members to animals!

Mike Koubou is an illustrator, photographer and graphic designer from Athens, Greece. His family is a bit different from ours. He loves the vintage style in his artworks. Also, Koubou sells his designs online at various platforms.

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