Wings Backpack

At least once in our lives each of us has dreamed of being able to hover in the sky like a bird or an angel. Unfortunately this is not possible but at least we can wear fantastic wings thanks to Volha Kotova. The artist has created a special backpack, available in different colors, which faithfully reproduces a pair of wings, thanks to numerous layers of superimposed and cleverly positioned wool.

These fancy bags are created using sheep’s wool and it placed across multiple layers so that it appears like a layer of feathers. They are textured and have a great volume and weight; while they continue to look highly realistic as well. 

The end result is so realistic that it almost seems like the wings are about to open at any moment.

They’re sold through Kotova’s Etsy shop, Orange Cat

Are you interested in one of this masterpieces?
This incredible products are 100% handmade and they are unique pieces so if you want someone, good luck!

You can see more on pinterest or website!

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Olga Kotova: Facebook | Etsy

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