Cityscapes with Watercolor and Ink

While many travelers keep their camera in tow, artist Danny Hawk, an “Ink & Watercolor Artist”, brings along his sketchbooks too. His colorful ink and watercolor sketches are painted en plein air, capturing the architecture, streets, and rural landscapes of Europe.

About Danny Hawk

Growing up as a kid, art was one of his favorite subjects. He loved to sketch, especially when it came to buildings and places. But somewhere along the way, that passion got pushed to the side and Danny went to university, double-majored in International Relations and German, and then, not sure what to do next, he moved from rural Ohio to Germany in 2012 in order to fulfill a different dream of mine – living abroad.

Yep, that’s right. I went ten whole years without drawing a single thing. But then, in 2017, something magical happened: creative people started to come into my life, I began following artists online, and I joined my local Urban Sketchers chapter here in Frankfurt – and bam! I was hooked.

Here some Cityscapes with Watercolor and Ink by Danny:


You can see more on pinterest or website!

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