Colored Paper sculptures

Korean paper artist Lee Ji-Hee builds colored paper sculptures of scale models food, household furnishings, and brightly colored vehicles for her commercial clients. The works are meticulously designed down to the smallest detail, such as the striped lining of a pink and yellow car seat, or speckles of detritus being swept up by a set of vacuums. In 2017 the artist created a series of vintage cameras, dramatically lighting each as if on the set of a noir film.

But the social media-worthy aspects of her designs are the reason behind the artist’s choice of project. 

“As anyone can take a picture with their mobile phone in this era, they feel the nostalgia for the film camera,”

Ji-Hee revealed that the scrupulously delicate process of producing the antique cameras has taken five months in total:

“Though they’re based on reality, I like to express my own sense of colour and pattern […] the texture and the colour is different depending on the paper,”


What do you think about this amazing colored paper sculptures? 
We love this paper works and personally, we think it’s a really cool idea!


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