Paper Cutting Art

The art of paper cutting requires tremendous patience and a steady hand, the Japanese artist Masayo Fukuda has mastered these qualities. Known as “Kirie” in Japan (translated as “cut image”), this traditional art form involves cutting complex images from a single white sheet of paper. Fukuda practice “Kirie” for about 30 years.


Ever heard of kirie? It’s the Japanese art of paper cutting and literally means ‘cut picture’. This traditional craft is certainly not easy to accomplish. Imagine placing intricate cuts in a single sheet of white paper to create something that stands out in stark details against a dark background.


One of Fukuda’s latest renderings is a stunning lace-like octopus that she considers her highlight creation of 2018. She has painstakingly cut-out this majestic sea creature in fine details from a single sheet of a white A2 sheet, shaping its rounded body, bulging eyes, and eight long arms.

Fukuda exhibits her collection of amazing kirie designs at Miraie Gallery in Osaka, Japan that can be viewed from April 24 to 30, 2019. If visiting Japan is not possible, you can view her major collection on her Instagram page and at specific websites on the net. Little wonder Fukuda’s kirie enjoys a sizeable following on the internet.

Recently, She creates intricately detailed octopus out of paper, the work seems like using many tools and pasting of papers but actually, She cut out all that details on a single paper.


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