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Miniature Worlds

The artist Gregory Grozos gives new life to antique jewels, enclosing miniature worlds inside pocket watches and pendants. Inspired by classical art, fantasy and steampunk, each piece of miniature art is handmade and tells stories of imaginary microcosms, where small figurines are placed between houses, workplaces and even forests. “A few years ago I had the idea of creating a miniature world that a person can always carry with them,” says Grozos.

All the themes of the miniature worlds and ideas are made by him and many of his works can be broadly categorized as steampunk, fantasy and whimsical in style. He’ve pay a lot of attention to fine detail, trying to bring to a harmonious combination many tiny bits and materials that come from a variety of unlikely sources.

“So I started developing ways to do exactly that. My work is very thorough and most of the pieces take days or even weeks to complete.” Each work is made up of countless individually positioned items, like small statuettes, small gears and miniature shafts. Many of the pieces inspired by the Grozos steampunk seem to house entire factories within their metal casings, with complex machinery and small people working inside. 

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