Ceramic into Jewelry

The Artist Gésine Hackenberg transforms bowls and plates in ceramic into beautiful jewels. Using the dishes as a raw material, she cuts small discs to form necklaces, rings and earrings. Hackenberg’s work is to give new life to ordinary objects and now seen in a new perspective as jewels.

“Coming from the world of jewelery”, she says, “I think I … got a little bored working according to the classic parameters of jewelery ‘”. And it is here that she started experimenting with new materials, both from a conceptual and a physical point of view.

The artist pieces are based on craft techniques and various materials because which are telling their own stories about preciousness and adornment, like ceramic tableware, (precious) metal, Japanese Urushi lacquer and glassware. These usually come from interlocking themes of household, kitchen, table and food culture. Sometimes, she give objects a new life by transforming them. In a way, she reusing and recycling material and by doing so, she isolating the various layers of meanings and associations that inhere shape, pattern and material of an object, in order to reflect these values in his jewellery.


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