Anamaorphic Art: When perspective becomes Magic

Although at first glance it may seem “distorted” you just put a cylinder mirror to see the magic happen!
The subject of the work is represented on the plane in a distorted and altered way, making it recognizable only by looking at the image from a precise position or through a cylindrical mirror. This technique is called Anamorphic Art

opere anamorfiche 1

The anamorphosis was born at the end of the fifteenth century as an exploration of the maximum possibilities offered by the perspective framework through pictorial art. The father of the anamorphosis was the brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci who made the first two perspective drawings on a sheet of the Atlantic Code (1483-1518).

Arte anamorfica - opere anamorfiche 2

Nowadays the anamorphic works technique is widely used in street art. Often some artists also use it in real theatrical shows where accompanying their gestures with music and lights. they make these paintings seemingly ugly and meaningless and at the last moment insert a mirror surface to show the public, with a masterly twist, the true result of their work!

Anamorphosis can also be applied to sculpture as it does Jonty Hurwitz. The artist uses 3D models, resin casts, bronze sculptures and paintings. The sculpted subject becomes a sort of abstract semicircle, at the center of which is placed the mirror cylinder, which serves to reveal the true essence of the sculpture.

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