Vibrating navigation belt

What is Ubivade?

Ubivade is a vibro-tactile navigation system that through sixteen vibrating motors placed on the belt transmits information to the user about the direction to follow to reach his destination. The interaction with the user is no longer a visual or hearing but tactile, avoiding unnecessary distractions while driving making our experience more comfortable.


We solve with just one product all the most common problems of navigation.

Never get lost again!

Input the destination on our app

Ubivade connects with our app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Set up your destination and the mean of transport and Ubivade will take care of the rest.
Navigation Ubivade never get lost again

Tuck your phone away

Ubivade lets you save battery life, keep your smartphone safe in your pocket and avoid distracting audiovisual cues.
Ubivade vibrating navigation belt

Ride to your destination

Ubivade sends navigation information through its sixteen vibration motors located on the belt: depending on the upcoming turn, the four groups of motors, divided into right, left, straight and wrong-way, vibrate to guide you to your destination.