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Simplicity is the extreme degree of sophistication

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MIU - Luxury minimal interior

We produce ad hoc furniture for each single client and we carry out the production with the most modern and advanced machinery and with the most innovative technologies. Your items will be made from only the finest of quality materials. Your ambience will contain unique features that no one else can claim.


We create custom products, made to suit your requirements and desires down to the smallest details.


Our products are made merging the work of the best Italian craftsmen with the latest technologies in terms of production


We personally select the best materials for our creation, all of which are finished by hand, creating a uniquely original decor style.
metal welding miu handmade in italy minimal interior

The simplicity is the complexity resolved

Cit. " Constantin Brâncuși "


The countertop is in solid wood supported by an aluminum complex tubeless structure.Set your workspace apart from the rest. We were able to create a desk that fit our office space perfectly.


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Sliding door

The solid wood door fixed to silent wheels runs on a satin-finished aluminum rail.Sliding doors allow generous ventilation into your home, ensuring your view is unobstructed as well as saving space.

Tailor - made products

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The shelf is a single solid wood board supported by an aluminum tubeless structure.Shelving units are an important permanent fixture in a living room. Custom shelves will look the way you want.